Saturday, October 6, 2012

ASCC= Free Car Seat!

I don't know if I posted about the class Sean, my mom and I took about 2 months ago. We took a Car Seat Safety Class put on by the organization Association for Supportive Child Care. They have many classes to help parents and child care givers with resources and learning how to properly care for children. They classes include CPR Certification, First Aid, Crib Safety Class, Home Safety and others I can't remember right now. All of the classes are FREE.You should look them up online! They are an amazing organization and are non profit.

So in the car seat class we learned so much! There was a lot of information so I don't want to write it all down. Basically you should just take the class even if you don't need a car seat. Its just good to know for the safety of your child. We learned that its safest for children under two to be rear facing. We learned how to properly buckle them into the car seat (like the harness should be at or below their shoulders, the clip should be at level with their armpits), what size and age they should move to a different car seat. They told us that studies show 7 out of 10 car seats are installed improperly. Thats so scary to think about those poor kids in those car seat. And those poor parents that probably don't know the right way. I'm glad I'm now an informed parent.

So after the class we called and left our names, numbers and the number of car seats we are in need of. Then they call you back between 6 to 8 weeks and schedule a slot for you in the event that week. Sean wasn't able to do it last minute because the events are only on saturday and he works all day saturdays. So the nice lady that scheduled me actually let Sean sign up for the next event in two weeks. They normally don't do that but since Sean's case was special they let us.

Any way, My mom and I and my dad went to the event today. We had to bring the babies with us so they could be weighed and measured to be sure we got the correct seat for each child. The car seats are brand new! In the class they said to never buy or even accept for free a car seat because you never know the story behind that car seat. If it was in an accident it could be dangerous to use. Also car seats expire. Did you know that? I sure didn't til I took the class. I'm glad I know now. The plastic or parts and ware and then not be effective in case of an accident.

Mom and I are so happy with our car seats. They are so cute! You get as many car seats as children you have or care for that will fit in your car. So I got one for Noah and my mom got one for Noah and one for Cortney. Here is the car seat I got for Noah. Its a convertible car seat. ASCC doesn't give our infant car seats because they don't last as long. The convertible ones are cooler anyway because they can be used for infants up to 3 years or 40 pounds.

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