Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mason Jar Madness

Having a healthy and tasty lunch is a pretty hard feat. I try to make sure Sean and I eat well but on a tight budget its really difficult. Mostly because it requires a lot of planning and preparation. Its so easy to just buy those pre packaged super unhealthy, preservatives packed lunches. Well we are saying good bye to those days! I have discovered the amazingness of mason jar lunches. My best friend and roommate is an avid mason jar user. They litter her kitchen and I have to say they look quite sheik. So other than the prettyness factor here are some other great things about mason jars. They keep greens fresher than fresh, they don't stain, they are BPA free, you can put them in the microwave and dishwasher! Also They don't leak are reusable and travel really effortlessly. Yep I am a mason jar convert and never going back. Ready to start an awesome new chapter with your lunches with me? Here we go! I know its going to take some preparation but I am so willing to do it since it doesn't look to hard. I am going to plan lunch and dinner for the month and then go shopping every saturday to get the fresh foods (produce and parasiables,) and once a month for things that can be frozen. Then every Sunday I will spend an hour or so and prepare as much as I can for the dinners and pack the mason jar lunches. Then when Sean and I are hurrying out the door in the morning we can just grab our jars and go. No work or extra thoughts on what to bring for lunch that day. I picked up some mason jars at walmart for $8 for a 12 pack. I want some other sizes so I will go back and get some for other things like the dip and smaller portion meals. I have 20 recipes I want to try out but for now I had to work with the ingredients I already had at the house.  So, Here are the meals I made last night. There are much more to come too!
The meals are: Poppyseed and chicken salad, cobb salad, honey mustard and cucumber salad, bbq rice and chicken, noodles and itailian dressing with cheese, ceasar salad, won tons, and another cobb salad. 

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  1. ooh those look so good. I should do something like this for Tony. Only thing is that he is not a huge fan of salad so I'd have to figure that part out. Hmm I will have to think on this! I do see that not all the jars are salad :)


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