Monday, October 29, 2012

New Things

Guess what!? We got an apartment! Yay! Are you excited for us or what?! We are moving on the 1st of November. Thats 2 1/2 days away. We are so grateful for our dear friends Jessica and Kenny Owens for opening their home to us the past 10 months. They have been so great. It has been fun to get to spend more time with them and the cheap rent was a wonderful bonus :) It was because of them we were able to get our car paid off so soon. Yay for no debt! (we aren't going to talk about school loans debit haha) The things I am most excited for with the move are:
1. Noah gets his own room with a door! This means we don't have to worry so much about being extra quite during nap time.
2. We have our own bathroom in our room! No more not flushing the toilet at night because Noah's bed is just on the other side of the wall and it will wake him up.
3. Our own fridge. We can fit more of our food in there. Its hard having two different meal plans, diets and everything in one fridge.
4. No more house mates. I can go to the kitchen in the middle of the night with no bra, sometimes no pants haha and not worry about others seeing me.
5. The feeling of being self efficient. Its just nice to be on our own again and feel like grown ups. Not that living with others makes you less of a grown up. It just feels more grown up. I hope that makes sense.
6. I get to go furniture shopping! When we moved we had to sell most of our big stuff since we didn't have room or money to store it. Now I get to start over. We are only buying used thrifted items but I'm sure we will get some pretty things.

I will post pictures of our new place and the moving action later :)



  1. I'm coming to give your blog some love! I hardly comment any more. So sad. I am so excited for you to move and be on your own again!! And I'm bummed to hear about the diapers. That is just so weird... Like you said before, cloth usually helps out sensitive skin. People who run into problems like that usually just have to clean their diapers or switch the fabric. I'd definitely hold onto them for the next baby. I keep hoping to hear news about you being pregnant! I know it could be awhile, but I'm thinking happy thoughts for you guys :)


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