Friday, October 19, 2012


Noah said words I've been waiting to hear yesterday. After work I went to my parents house to pick up Noah. He saw me at the door and toddled towards me saying "puppy puppy puppy" He loves to say puppy! Everything is puppy to him. haha. It is the funniest thing. He says it in a cute high pitched voice too. Sean and I smile and says yes puppies are nice but thats a ____ fill in blank for whatever it is Noah is acutally pointing or looking at.

So as he walks towards me I scoop him up and squeeze him saying "love you sweetheart. I love you" And thats when Noah made my mama heart melt. He said "love you" and he put his arms around my neck. That is the best feeling in the world right there. Having your child say love you and hugging you. He is such a cuddler lately and Sean and I love it! Every morning he goes back and forth between the two of us giving hugs and kisses. He is trying to talk more and more and he is getting better at it. I know Sean is just so looking forward to when Noah says love you to him too. He hasn't said it since, but I'm sure it will be coming more soon enough. We have a home and family full of loves.


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