Monday, October 1, 2012

Walking Noah

Noah is an official walker! He is a pro at it too. haha ok well almost, but he is darn good at it. We are so proud of our little guy. Last Sunday he started taking a couple steps again and then Monday after  I got off work he walked straight towards me! By the next Sunday, yesterday Sept 30th, he was walking all over the place. Everyone has been so excited to see him walking. Sean and I have been such proud parents showing off his new stepping skills to everyone we can.

**Funny Story Time**
Saturday I was having Noah show off his skills to Andrea at my parents house. I was sitting on the couch with Noah standing at my feet. Andrea was sitting on the floor 3 feet from me. She was calling Noah to come to her and he was acting shy. Then he took three steps towards her, shook his head and quickly turned around and walked back to me laughing. Andrea just laughed and said "hey! you tricked me!" That just made Noah laugh even more! haha It was so funny.

He loves his new found freedom. He can now get to all the things he was looking at for all these months. He also can catch the kitties at our house. He lays on them and rubs his face on their soft fur. I can't believe they just let him. He is so gentle with them. . . until he isn't. haha At first he is super sweet with them and rubs his hand on them and then he gets excited and tries to bite them or grab their fur too hard. Thats when the run away. He then just laughs and tries to catch them again. Gosh I love him! He loves making people excited and happy. When he walks every one claps so naturally he loves walking. He shakes his head and giggles and turns away from who ever is calling him. Such a cutie pie.

He also has added more words to his vocabulary. He says puppy, play, and attempts to say grandma, he says gggmamama. He mimics sounds after someone talkes to him. He is getting really good. He is a cuddly lovey boy too. Noah wraps his arms around our necks and squeezes us when ever we scoop him up.

We are so blessed to have Noah in our life.

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