Monday, October 8, 2012

Cloth Diaper Hiatus

We are on a cloth diaper hiatus right now. I posted a couple weeks ago about stripping our diapers and how they were so clean and great now. Guess that didn't work. Noah's rash came back with a vendetta or something. It was so bad it was open sores and red all over. He even had blisters on his penis. It happened over night! We were really worried so I took him to the doctor last Saturday the 28th. I took him at 8pm so it was a different doctor there. She said that it looked like MRSA which really freaked me out. But then after poking and squeezing and prodding it she determined that it was just a really really really bad diaper rash. She said that MRSA would be firm and puss would be coming out of the sores. So little blessings it wasn't anything really serious. She said that Noah must have really acidic urine and that the cloth diapers don't breathe so the ammonia gets stronger. Then the urine eats away at Noah's little bum and boy parts. Poor guy! I feel so bad, like I'm to blame for it. I was so set on using cloth diapers and that’s what is causing him to have such a bad rash. The doctor said to wash the diapers in vinegar and that we can try again to use them still. But she said if the rash comes back that we should stop using them all together. She said that cloth diapers are great but that Noah might have too sensitive skin for them. That’s kind of crazy because you think that disposables would be worse for sensitive skin. I guess that’s not the case for Noah though because as soon as we put him in disposables the rash starts to clear up. It was really bad so its still not completely cleared up yet but its almost there. There are no longer sores just little pink spots where it is still healing. So once it heals up and we strip the cloth diapers (AGAIN) this time with vinegar we will go back to cloth.

I'm hoping that cleaning them with the vinegar works. Sean doesn't like the cloth because of the extra work and the smell of the dirty diapers when putting them in the washer. But he loves the savings and he thinks they are super cute on Noah. I love the savings and think the are super cute too and I don't even mind the washing anymore. I would be so sad to have to stop using them! I love that i am a cloth diapering mom. I feel proud that I am doing something to better the environment. Also I like that I have stuck with something even though others think its hard. I'm part of this cool club of cloth diapering moms. Whenever I meet someone who cloth diapers I automatically have a friend. haha. But, Noah is my top priority and I don't want him to be in pain. When his rash was really bad he would cry every time he peed because it would burn his bum. He is totally fine now that it has mostly cleared up. Even when it was bad it would only bother him when he peed so that was another blessing. He was still his usual happy silly self.

So I will keep you updated on the diaper situation. He is in disposables for now until the rash is gone and then when we go back to cloth I will update on how that goes. Wish us luck!


  1. Rory had had a bad rash for like 2 weeks then my dad gave me this diaper rash stuff from Walgreen's and it disappeared in 2 days! A&D cream I think it's called, just in case you want something else to try (I know, unsolicited advice sorry!!)

    1. Thanks for the advice! We will try that. We have tried a couple other creams but they just made it worse.


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