Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Prayers for Grandpa

My Grandpa Rolland is sick. He was admitted into the hospital Monday the 1st. He was coughing up blood so my grandma called my mom who came over and took them to the hospital. My sister Amanda went with them and texted everyone to let them know what was going on. Over the last couple days we have learned that he has pneumonia and a mass that is 7cm on his right lung that is cancerous. The doctors don't know what stage it is because his body is too weak to undergo a biopsy. Even if they knew what stage it is in there isn't much they can do for him because again his body is too weak to survive surgery to remove the cancer. They say he has 4 months to a year to live. Amanda, Corey, their daughter Cortney, Andrea, Sean and I and Noah met my mom at the hospital last night to see grandpa and grandma and give them our love. He actually didn't look that sick. He mostly looked tired. We all chatted and took pictures of Grandpa with the babies. At first they wanted nothing to do with him because of all the machines around him I'm sure he looked scary. But I sat on his bed with Noah in my arms and then Noah became more interested in him. That made gpa smile. He said that he is fine and not really in pain. Amanda was telling him that he needs to hang on and stay strong because she needs him in the blessing cirlce for her baby. He just nodded and said ok. That made Andrea cry and have to leave the room. Its hard for her. She was able to compose herself and come back in after a couple minutes. Mom is trying to stay positive and strong for grandma. She is really scared. Its her daddy. He is 82 years old. Thats old but not old enough for thoughts of him dying. I'm named after him. Roland Dean Ellsworth. I'm glad that we have the Gospel and know what comes next. When he does pass he gets to go to heaven and we will see him again. We are an eternal family sealed together forever. Its comforting. But still death is hard in this life. We are all hoping that he passes the year maximum the doctors have given him. For now Grandpa is in the hospital but should be leaving today. He has stopped coughing up blood and the doctors think he is strong enough to go home. From there he will just keep living life and we will make him as comfortable as possible and keep him happy and smiling. He is a silly man. We love how sweet and funny he is. Amanda asked him if he is scared. He responded "no I'm passed that stage." While at the hospital he told me he missed his tv at home.

Can I ask that you pray for my grandpa? And my family to be at peace with whatever the Lord decides is right for him? I just want my grandpa for as long as he can be here. I have more memories I'd like to make with him. I want him to be there for my other children. I also don't want my grandma left alone. Maybe there will be a miracle and he will surpass to 2 or 3 or 5 more years.

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