Friday, October 26, 2012

Farewell Cloth Diapers

I am sad to say good bye to our cloth diaper journey with Noah. As I posted earlier he was getting really bad rashes from using them. As suggested by a friend, Adriana, we used all cotton inserts in hopes that they would be more gentle on Noah's bum. Sean and I had high hopes. Then the morning after having Noah in cloth diapers those hopes were crushed. The rash was back from just one day in cloth even with the cotton inserts! This is really baffeling since I thought cloth was supposed to be great especially for sensitive skin. Appareently Noah only likes the expensive fake diapers. Well it worked out for the first months of Noah's life quite well and saved us lots of money when we really needed it. So it was a nice journey while it lasted. We are going to keep the cloth and use them for the next baby though. As long as he/she doesn't have the same reaction as Noah. Thanks Adriana for letting us use her cotton inserts so we didn't spend money to try them out first.


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