Friday, October 26, 2012

Noah and the Kangaroo

Noah fell and hit his face on the table and his tooth went through his bottom lip.
It scared Sean and I so much. It was bleeding so much and wouldn't stop. So we took him to his doctors office who then sent us to a branch of the Phx hospital in Mesa. They decided to stitch it up. It was so hard to watch. They couldn't sedate him so he was just swaddled really tight and we held him down while the doctor stitched him up. He had to get 3 of them. He screamed the whole time. I was crying so hard too that I had to leave the room. It was the hardest thing in my life to hear his distressed cries and not be able to do anything to take the pain away. Sean stayed there with him though. He is a lot stronger than I am. I'm glad Sean was there to hold our little Noah during it. I came back in towards the end when they were doing the last stitch. Poor Noah was so upset and screaming. They said that it would leave a small scar but might be gone by the time he is a teenager or adult. Sean and I just held Noah and gave him loves and kisses. He was so sweaty and shaking from the experience. I'm glad he is young enough he wont remember it. By the time we were in the car Noah was laughing and smiling again. We have such a tough little guy! Oh and the doctor was so awesome. They let us chose from a huge box of toys for him. Noah now has a large plush kangaroo which he calls "baby" and hugs.

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