Monday, June 20, 2011

The Awesomeness of a Coed Baby Shower

The day finally came! Sean and I have been looking forward to it for months. The day of our baby shower. We are just cool like that, and decided that we should do a coed baby shower. Noah is just as much his baby as mine so why shouldn't he be able to join in the festivity? Exactly there is no reason other than the old traditions of only women at showers. We are breaking the mold! Haha. It turned out to be just as fantastic as we planned. We had about 50 or more people come and fun was had by all.
The food was delicious! Catering included (provided by friends and family): veggie trays, fruit trays, two different kinds of meatballs, lil’ smokies, lots of pizza, chex mix, cupcakes, and cookies. We didn’t even have anything left over it was so yummy! The party lasted from 4pm to a little after 8pm. I really loved that it was coed because it meant that all of our friends were able to come and it made it even more of a celebration. We got tons of gifts, which we are very grateful for. I love friends! Now there are only a couple more items we will need to get before Noah comes. Mostly just small things like soap and nail clippers.  My sister Amanda hosted the shower and did a superb job at it. She and my mom planned some awesome games. Now I am going to overload you with pictures of the night. 

 This is my mother in law and my sister, Andrea, preparing the feast!
 One of the games was just for Sean. He had to carry that monkey around with him for the entire shower and treat it like it was our baby. He did a great job and won the prize at the end.... We still haven't decided what that prize is yet but the committee (Amanda and I) is in the process of figuring that out. It will be something awesome though!
 Party People!

 This is one of the games we played. We had 6 volunteers that had to suck on the bottles and see who got the most guzzled down in 10 minutes. Andrea won with a close second by Blake Shill. Some unlucky contestants received prune juice instead of root beer or apple juice. Poor Brittney and Alex.
 This was the baby food eating game. Contestants had to be fed by their partner and see who could finish the jar first. Andrea and Kirby won this one but there was talk of cheating. She scooped it straight into his mouth with his head tilted back.
 I love this picture! Kirby pushed out his belly and made me feel small again. What a good friend :)
 We played Measure Mommy. Everyone cut off the amount of ribbon they thought it would take to make it around my belly. Some people were nice and made theirs really small, others were not so nice... Jimmy for example (Sean's Brother) made his as tall as I am! haha I think he just has a poor concept of how bit I actually am. Sean knows me so well he even knows exactly how big I am. His ribbon was the perfect length to go around my belly.
 Jessica was off by many inches. haha. Her ribbon didn't even go around her belly. She has a bad perception on body image I think, lol jk
 Present Time!!! This is one of my favorite gifts. Ok I have about six favorite but still. This one my mom made for us. Its made from my wedding dress. She made a blessing suit for little Noah and she also made a blessing dress for when we
have a little girl.

 I'm pretty sure I was either purposely making this silly face or I was in the middle of saying something? Either way I love it.
 This is another one of our favorite gifts. Our friends Ben and Melissa made them for us. They got a couple plain white onesies and then hand made a bunch of ties and bow ties to velcro on to them. They will differently be Noah's Sunday outfits.
 Another of our very favorite gifts! Tim and Adriana gave them to us. Adriana made them. Matching accessories. A tie for Sean, bow tie for Noah and a head band for Me. We decided that they will be worn the first Sunday we take Noah to church. I love when families match :)
 More presents! Amanda and Corey gave us the vibrator bouncer and the play gym. Noah will love these!
 This is another of the awesome games we played. As guests came in the were able to write advice for us as newly parents. Also there was another index card for them to make a guess of the day and time I will have Noah and also how much he will weigh. Who ever gets the closest wins movies tickets.
 We also did a diaper raffle. Since we are using clothe diapers instead of disposable we asked for donations to be given and then they were put in the raffle to win movies tickets. It was a nice try but sadly we only got $8 from it. Oh well that's $8 more than we started with!
 Our other favorite gift. My mom made us a diaper bag. She cross-stitched the sock monkey on there. I just absolutely love this! I have an original diaper bag.
 More party people and present time. So that is pretty much how the whole shindig went down. It was great fun and wonderful people. Sean and I are so blessed to have so many friends and family support us and show us such love. Thank you to all those who came. We love you!

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