Friday, June 17, 2011

Leaking Pipes, Swollen Fingers and 33 Weeks

For the past couple months our water in the house has been coming out yellow. It wasn't too bad at first, we just had to run the water for a bit and it would turn clear. But in the recent weeks it has gotten increasingly worse. Its so bad now that the water is just plain yellow no matter how long we run it. Its pretty gross to say the least. We call our land lord and scheduled for plumbers to come take a look and give estimates. It turns out they recommended re piping the whole house. The pipes are very old and are made of galvanized steal. They pipes are really rusted and corroded. They suggested replacing the pipes with copper because that won't rust. The estimate was for several thousand dollars and I don't think the land lord can afford to have that cost right now so he suggested just getting filters installed on the faucets. Sean and I were happy to oblige for now as long as it solved the problem. We all knew at some point the pipes would have to be replaced as they are just going to get worse but we were fine with holding off on that for as long as we could. This plan was radically altered last night, due to the findings of Sean but the prodding of Me.

The last few days I have been smelling a mildewy smell in the whole house. It smelled kind of like wet dust. I told Sean this but he just shrugged it off as another pregnant women smell problem. (In all fairness to Sean. I tend to smell things that bother me all the time lately. My sense are really sensitive since I got pregnant. I smell things from rooms away.) Sean finally smelled the mildew last night and went on a hunt to figure out what the culprit was. He even climbed on the roof but to no avail. Last night about 9pm last night he noticed a discoloring on the ceiling in the hall. I then followed my nose and found some more water damage in the nursery closet.
 The plumber came and cut a hole to look at the pipes. You can see the discoloring around it. That's where a bunch of water leaked. It was really damp even last night.
This is the closet in the nursery. Its even worse. The water leaked from the ceiling all the way down the wall. Its still damp right now because the water was still leaking most of the day until about 2 hours ago when the water was shut off. I can see this being a big inconvenience for at least a couple days. I don't know how long its going to take to get this all fixed but I assume a good amount of time. Looks like the filter idea is out and it is a must to just change all the pipes in the house. It could have been a lot worse though so at least there is a bright side. None of the stuff in the closet was ruined and we caught it as soon as we could have.

Today I am 33 Weeks

I can't wear my wedding ring anymore due to fat fingers! Haha, ok they aren't really fat but still that's how I feel. It's summer time in good ole' Arizona and that means deathly hot temperatures. This in turn causes even more swelling that would normally occur in a pregnant women. My hands aren't super swollen but enough to make my wedding ring quite snug. I can still wear it right now but it hurts to take off and leaves a small indent.  Sean said it was a good idea to just take it off now rather than later when it won't come off and they have to cut my finger off or worse cut the ring in half! That would be tragic! So now my wedding ring graces my neck on a chain instead of my finger.

In other news, coming up events and activities that will be blogged about in days soon to come:
Baby Shower Tomorrow!!
Ultra Sound on Tuesday!
Bradley Class Tuesday!
Selling Sean's Truck
Looking for Blessings in Every Situation
Alex and Kirby's Birthday Parties Next Week


  1. I hope you it didn’t take long to get it fixed because being deprived of water in your household is such a drag. I agree with the plumbers’ suggestion to change your pipelines to copper because rust and mold buildup will have no effect on it. I suggest to use brass to connect the copper pipes as well for stability and to prevent your water line being contaminated.

    Gayle Manning

  2. So, have all the pipes been replaced by now? I wish that was put to consideration. Although the water filters saved you from having yellow-colored water, they won’t prevent the pipes from corroding and breaking eventually. Worse, they could cause more damage in your house. It would be best to update the pipes with a more durable and longer-lasting material, so that you won't have to go through pipe-related plumbing problems in the future.

    Laverne Knight @ Midland Mechanical, Inc.


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