Friday, June 3, 2011

Sean's Surprise Pre-Birthday Fun

Sean's birthday is actually this coming Sunday June 5th but seeing as it is on a Sunday that limits the activities for celebration. We decided that we would celebrate on Sunday with his family, the Monday after with my family and just me and him on the Friday before (today). Yes that makes three days of Birthday celebrations. (This Saturday is my sister Robyn's baby shower, she is coming from Wyoming for it) Necessary? Well of course, it’s my honey’s birthday. We should party all month to commemorate him coming into this world. But I guess that would be a lot of planning so instead we settled for 3 days. To his unknowing, I however, planned yet another day of festivity. I texted our friends and family and informed them of my surprise plans. Sean has never had a surprise birthday bash that he didn’t figure out and I was determined to give him a genuine surprise. The plan was for everyone to meet at the Applebee’s at 9pm and us show up at 9:10pm. It worked out perfectly.
Sean and I were sitting at home last night watching some Netflix entertainment and I leaned in and kissed his cheek and said “I really want wings… can we please go to Applebee’s?” His response was not the preferable one. “But we already ate I won’t want to eat anything” To which I said “We ate 2 hours ago and it was just noodles, Please Please Please I’m pregnant and hungry and I want wings” haha Yes that’s right I pulled the pregnancy card. And Sean is just the sweetest man alive and wants nothing more than to make his loving wife happy so he gave in. Let me tell you though he was not that happy about it. In fact he was a bit grumpy. In his defense he had just gone to the gym 3 hours before that and forgot to eat right after so he had an upset stomach until we ate at 6pm. Then he ended up somehow sitting on my bowl of noodles while we were watching Netflix. So the night just didn’t have the best start. He cheered up as we drove to Applebee’s though so that was nice.

We got there and walked inside and it took him a second to realize all the people there were people he knew and there for him. Haha. It was priceless, everyone yelled “SURPRISE!!!!” and Sean just got this big smile on his adorable face. His happiness just makes me happy and I felt good that I had done well. There was a huge group there just for him, it was 24 people. Sadly his mom, sister and brothers couldn’t make it due to sickness, other plans or it being too late in the evening. His brother Jimmy and his girlfriend made it so that was nice. Also my parents, sisters and brother were able to make it and then a bunch of our friends. Sean said he had a blast and I think everyone else really enjoyed the time hanging out. We were there until 12am. A nice addition to the night was that it was karaoke night ( I wasn’t aware of this until getting there). A couple of people from our group went and sang as well so that was awesome. So that was the beginning of the string of  merriment plans for Sean’s 29th Birthday. Many more fun times are to come. Tonight Sean and I are going to dinner just the two of us and then probably a movie. Here are some pictures of the fun last night.


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