Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day!

Yesterday was Fathers Day. Even though baby Noah isn't here yet he is still Sean's son so we got to celebrate Fathers day for the first time. We had planned that we were going to go to my parents house on Sunday to see my dad and then we would go out just the two of us later this week to celebrate for him being a daddy. We unfortunately are short on cash so we don't get to do anything to celebrate like we did for me for Mothers day. This makes me more sad than it does Sean. He just doesn't care too much about things like gifts and going out. He is just as happy with kind words from me and a hug as he would be about going out. So after church we went home and took a nap and just cuddled lots. Then we went to my parents house that evening for family dinner. We all went around the table and said why we loved my dad and made some jokes and rhymes as well. Mine was "I love you dad, thanks for being rad, and still loving me even when I was bad" haha Yeah I'm a great poet. The rest of the night just consisted of hanging out talking and telling stories and being silly.  Sean's dad lives in Florida so it was not an option to go see him. Sean did give him a call and got to talk to him for a while. I am looking forward to someday after Noah is born that we can take a trip to Florida and spend time with Sean's Dad and his Wife. I'm so grateful that Sean and I have loving fathers that hold the Priesthood and helped guide us in our lives. We are who we are today because of them. I am also so grateful for Sean. He is an amazing husband and I know he will be an amazing daddy. He already is and Noah is one lucky baby. I am most grateful for a loving Heavenly Father. He grants us such wonderful blessings and really does all He can to care for us.

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