Monday, June 13, 2011

Papa & Mama Rogers

My parents are the epitome of cute couple. Don't believe me? Well Shun the Non-believer!! Because its just a fact of life. I just love them! My whole life I watched the in awe at how sweet, loving, supportive, silly, real and honest they are with each other. Is there marriage perfect with no quarrels or hard times? Of course not! They aren't robots. But even with those tough times I've seen the love that is there.

Mostly they are just down right adorable together. I love the dynamic their marriage has. They tease each other, laugh, and play. I love seeing my dad talk about my mom. He gets this glaze of tears over his eyes as he is expressing his feelings for her. He loves her more than anything in the world, more than himself. My mom takes care of my dad and ensures his happiness. They put each other first. I love how they still act like newlyweds sometimes. Mom gets giddy when Dad tells her how beautiful she is. haha He called her his trouphy wife last night and it made her laugh so much but we could tell she loved it. Dad told Sean and I that a couple people came up to them at church yesterday and told them that they are such a sweet couple to watch and how it makes them feel good to see such a happy marriage. Mom still calls dad while he is at work just to let him know she is thinking about him and she loves him. Dad still opens doors, and all the gentlemen things a man should do. Dad never leaves without getting a kiss. They hold hands as the walk. Dad sings love songs to mom. Mom makes special meals for dinners because she knows dad likes them.

Just writing this post makes me tear up. It is just amazing to see such great acts of love in the simple actions. I know that Sean and I are on the path of having a marriage like my parents. He loves me and I love him <3 We may have our hard times but the good times are definitely more often and unequivocally outweigh the bad. Sean makes me happy :) He is so amazing and sweet and pretty much everything I could ever want in my life. There is just a lot of love in this post. If you feel the need to go puke from all the cuteness its ok I understand, but don’t be surprised when you puke rainbows and hearts because of all the love you just read.

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