Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's going on?

I've mentioned  how the pipes in our house are super old and rusting and that they need to be replaced. It has become a pain. I'm so glad that we don't own the house and therefore don't have to pay the cost of repairs but I feel bad for our land lords. They are our friends and just had a little baby of their own a copule weeks ago. To make things even more hard, they live in Texas. This makes it more difficult to be a part of the fixng process. We are all working really hard together to make it easier on everyone. So far it has been decided that the pipes have to be replaced now and that it needs to happen ASAP because we need the nursery fixed and safe for Noah when he comes. The contractors and insurance adjustor we spoke to all seem to be confident that it will be done by then. My only concern is how close to my due date will they have it done? I don't like to have things done in the last minute. I'm the type of person that has things done well in advance. I really am hoping that this is all fixed with at least 2 or 3 weeks to spare before I go into labor. I really would have prefered to have the nursery done and everything organized already like I had previously planned but that is out of the question and I just need to move on I guess. It really is a blessing that it happened now rather than later when Noah was in the room. That would have been disasterous. We had a guy come and test for mold and other things that could harm us or baby Noah earlier this week. Now we are waiting for the results and also waiting to hear where we go from there. Assuming there is nothing harmful in the air or walls we should be able to go through with the repair process. Annette and Grant (Landlords) will need to pick a plumber and have them start on the work. That should only take a day or two to get the pipes done. The snag we are hitting is that Annette and Grant need to have the money to pay for the plumbing. I'm not sure how that is going to work yet. Then after the pipe replacement the water damage restoration people can start on fixing the walls and replacing the carpet and painting the walls. That is thankfully covered by the home oweners insurance. This is great news for Annette and Grant because they don't have an out of pocket cost. Its also good for us because it means we can get the work done faster. Sean says they should have the restoration work done in a day maybe two after they are able to get started on it. We shall see how fast this all goes down. I'm getting worried it won't be done in time. Sean however is the best at calming me down and he assures me everything will be ok and work out fine. Even if it doesn't get done in time we have friends and family that are more than willing to come help us get things organized as soon as it is able to be done. 6 more weeks until my due date!

Here is a list of things that need to be done before Noah comes:
Carseat put in car
Hospital bag packed (Should be doing this tonight)
Make a playlist on Sean's ipod for the labor
Send out Thank you cards for baby shower
Nursery clean and organized (It was clean and organized but now it is in shambles due to the above story)
Cloth Diapers stripped (they need to be rinsed 3 times before use)
Clothesline installed in backyard
Rest of baby things bought (health and safety kit, bath soaps, swing, baby monitor, hamper)

Then the things that I would just like to have done before Noah comes:
Truck Sold
Car paid off
Front yard and Back yard pretty
Lavender planted in front yard

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