Sunday, June 5, 2011

The dreams of a pregnant woman

I have been very peculiar dreams as of late. I think it’s the hormones and just being busy and thinking too much before I go to bed. Here are some examples of the strange dreams.

Stadium Labor
I went into labor and I was on the field in a stadium and people were sitting in the bleachers cheering my on as I was having contractions. My friend ( I can’t remember now which one it was but I think it might have been Jessica) had a foam finger on even and was waving it around saying “you’re number one!” Sean was there coaching me along. That’s all I remember from this dream. Sooooo weird.

Our friends Ben and Melissa moved in with us because they needed help with rent. But the weird part was they were sleeping in our bed and Sean and I had to sleep on the hide-a-bed in the living room. But all of our stuff was still in the bedroom and we had to go back and forth between there and the living room. Melissa kept asking us why we were constantly going in her room. Then we made dinner together and ate. Completely random.

Sean doesn’t love me
Sean was lying in bed next to me and I turn over to look at him and he is crying. I ask him why he is sad and he says “I’m just not sure if I love you or just like things about you”  I just sat there watching him cry.

Sister Stole my Baby
I was in labor but then when I delivered Noah the doctor handed the baby to Andrea. I said something about him being mine and give him to me but everyone just looked at me like I was crazy for saying that. Andrea went home with him.
Lost Car
I don’t remember much about this one just that my car was lost and I was upset when I woke up.

Someone was in our kitchen and ate all of our food. That’s all I remember but obviously this is a traumatic thought for a pregnant woman.

This one is the most vivid dream I have had. I was in labor at the hospital and the contractions were getting really hard to handle. I then started “cussing” and everyone was really shocked. The very odd thing is even in my dreams I don’t really cuss. There was asterisks (#$!@*) coming out of my mouth like in a cartoon and there as even beeping. (Later as I told Andrea and Sean this dream they both said “yeah only you would not even cuss in your head, haha) I was so distraught in my dream and mad at myself for letting the “cuss words” slip out. Amanda and Justin, my sister and brother, appeared in the delivery room and started laughing at me saying “haha I knew she would cuss”. Later the next morning when I woke up I was still upset at myself for cussing. Then all that day all I kept having thoughts of what if that really happened and it was a real concern. Sean later calmed my nerves and said that I would be fine and he doubts that would actually happen.

Those are the dreams that come to mind right now. There have been many many more but I can't remember the details of them. I am sure there are much more to come in the next 9ish weeks.  


  1. So many dreams! I thought Sean had the foam finger? Lol oh well. Love the updates and I miss you my friend!!

  2. It might have been Sean. I can't remember now. There have been so many dreams since then haha. I miss you most! I'm excited to plan our fancy dinner soon!!


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