Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Food Poisoning and the Missed Bradley Class

Sean, Me, Andrea, Brittney and Kirby went out to Applebee's on Monday night and had a grand old time. It was hours after that though that Sean had a horrible experience. He got food poisoning from the sliders he had. (His mistake for not going with the crowd and getting wings like everyone else did lol) He woke up Tuesday morning with a stomachache and he was throwing up and other details I will not share... yeah .. you probably figured it out.. It was bad. Poor honey. I hate seeing him sick and weakly. He stayed home and slept most of the day. When I got home from work I took care of him and we just watched some netflix. 7pm came and went and we missed our Bradley Class. We were both really bummed to miss out but he was not in any condition to be leaving the house. I sent a text to the instructor and she said she would send us an email with the info from the class. We were going to learn about the second stage of labor. We have the workbook at home so we are going to read it tomorrow when Sean is feeling better. Today is Wednesday and he is still feeling sickly. He isn't throwing up anymore but he is still weak and has a bad stomachache. Seeing him sick today just made me realize even more how blessed I really am. Even though he isn't feeling well he still was asking me how I was and if there was anything I needed. He just takes care of me no matter what even when he is the one who needs taking care of. Man I am one lucky women. Of course I told him I was fine and to let me just take care of him. Well that is all that is going down in the land of Howell. I hope he starts to feel better asap! Our baby shower is this weekend and its co-ed so he is supposed to be there.

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