Thursday, June 20, 2013

Armenta's are here!!

Yay Robyn, Carlos and their two babies Jeremiah and David are in town! They came down from Wyoming on Sunday but were in Peoria with Carlos's family. They came down for grandpa's funeral. I'm so glad to get to have some time with them. I got to hold David for the first time. He is so big! We weighed all the kids and found out that Jeremiah and Cortney are the same weight, Joshua and David are the same weight. Rebekah is super tiny and so is Noah haha. Andrea is so happy to have all her nieces an nephews in one place. She is like super aunt! The kids all love her. I love watching the kids all play together and us mama's trading off babies. We all got together at Amanda and Corey's house to celebrate Grandpa's life with some if his favorite things. We watched a John Wayne movie, ate salt water taffy, drank Pepsi and ate popcorn. Love you

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