Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Labor Timeline

Andrea was nice enough to write a timeline of my labor for me. I love that I have things that were said and done during my labor. We did the same thing for Amanda with her two kids and with Noah when I had him. Its so nice to be able to look back on later. Just so you know its labor so there are going to be talk of placenta, poop, pee and all that. It happens and I have no shame, its labor the way God made it. So here it is.

I started to have contractions at midnight June 13th. I laid in bed having the contractions but didnt think they hurt so I tried to go to sleep. I let Sean know I was having them so he tried to go to sleep as well. (usually he stays up til 1am reading or other such things) The contractions started to kind of hurt so I called Amanda who told me to time them and see how far apart they were. I had 7 of them that were 5 or 4 minutes apart. Sean and I got up and got our stuff ready to leave. Sean carried Noah and the diaper bag and the hospital bag and I carried my phone timing my contractions with an app I had bought earlier. We had called Amanda who then called the rest of the family and told them the news. They all met us at the hospital. Sean had called his mom who also met us there to pick up Noah and take him to her house. The rest is now from what Andrea wrote down at the hospital. 

Amanda was driving like a maniac and we beat Deana and Sean to the hospital. 
1:15am Admitted into triage, almost went to the waiting room with the rest of the family instead of triage. 

1:35am We realize that we're all didiots and forgot to bring a camera

1:45am Andrea heading to the apartment to get camera (ended up using Deana's phone instead because it takes good pictures and quick)

1:46am Sean texted Amanda "6cm dilated 100% effaced. 

2:20am Headed to labor room 5.  

2:25am All of us in the room! (Mom, Dad, Amanda, Andrea and Sean of course) 

2:27am Body tried to push with last contraction 

2:23am Dad cracking up because I (andrea) told Deana her nails are cute 
Nurse asks Deana a question, she holds up her finger (having a contraction) 3 min later she answers

2:41am Puked 

2:42am Puked again and surprise! Peed as well 

2:45am Nurse says she thinks she will be done soon 
Amanda tells Deana she's doing good and Deana says "ok" 
Deana asks "where's my Sean?" he was right there, let her know he was with her

2:47am Called Dr. Hazzelrigg to come to the hospital. Says Deana's "bag is bulging and she's pushy"

2:50am Deana apologizing for her body pushing, Nurse tells her to "breath in, breath out" 
Dad- now we have one bag bulging and one bag not" when Deana got a new puke bag

Nurse Lisa is awesome. So nice. 

Dad- Its now going to take 2 hands to count my grandbabies

Helen is Rebkeah's nurse

2:56am Deana asks if nurse can just deliver, doesn't want to wait to push. Nurse says "i can if I have to but I can't break your water, You cant push until your water breaks" 

2:57am Really feeling the contractions now. Says ow during them. 

2:58am on hands and knees, foot in pee! (ew)

3:04am Hazzelrigg is here! Asks if water has broken yet, turns around to get face mask, water breaks at the same time! 

3:05am Cervix diappeared! Baby is coming! 
On hands and knees
"is this the position you want sweetie?" "uggh ya I don't care" 

3:06am Pushing is allowed

3:08am Deana pooped, Lisa got it away
"i dont know if thats my butt or my vagina?"

3:10am Baby is Crowning 

3:10am episiotomy

3:12am Rebekah MaeDean is born

3:14am Rebekah on Deana's chest, Dr asks if Sean wants to cut the cord, Deana says can we wait until it has stopped pulsing please? Dr watches cord waits til it has stopped and has Sean cut the cord. 

3:15am placenta is out

Deana is holding Rebekah 

3:20am Sean holds Rebekah 

3:24am Deana and Sean kiss

3:26am Deana "I dont have to go to work tomorrow!"

3:28am Bekah grabbed her daddy's pinky finger

Rebekah gets cleaned up and weighed 7lbs 8.9oz, 20 inches 

3:44am Deana feeds Rebekah 

3:51am Rebekah latched on  
4:05am Sean holding Rebekah "It was so nice and warm in there huh? I know it was crowded but you liked it inside mommies belly but you had to come out. I'm so glad to have you now." 

And thats all she wrote folks. I just love my baby girl and my family. I'm so happy everything went so smoothly and couldn't ask for any better. yay for family! 

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