Saturday, June 15, 2013

Home at last, family reunited

It's so great to be home as a family. Sean and I have missed our Noah bug. I cried the first night after Elizabeth took him to her house. It was just strange to be away from him so long. I'm happy that Sean's family brought him to the hospital for a couple hours during the day. It's just no fun for a child to be there too long.

Our stay at banner gateway was really nice but it's so much better to be home with all our stuff. The staff was so kind and took care of us perfectly. The food is delicious there too! We had family come and visit with us and a couple friends too. We also had a lot of time for just the three of us to chill and get to know each other. Rebekah is such a quite baby so far. She has only cried maybe four times. Sean calls her squeakers because she makes little squeaky sighs as she sleeps. 

Breast feeding is going so smoothly! I am so elated about this. She just latches right on and eats for 30-40 minutes at a time. 

Ondalynn is a sweetheart and tidying up the apartment before we came home. It was so nice to come home to a clean home. 

Noah is getting used to having a sister. He is really sweet with her. He loves grabbing her feet and kissing them. He also blows kisses at her. He likes sharing his toys with her. Noah is just growing up so much. 

Oh and a little brag time. I'm looking skinner already. This makes me super happy. I fit in my old clothes now but they are still a little snug. My wedding ring fits now too!! 

I don't know if you can tell but my mind is kind of scatterbrained right now. Haha. Anyway we are happy to be home. A family of 4 :) 

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