Monday, June 24, 2013

Big things tonight

Rebekah turned over to her side! Just happened moments ago. Such a strong girl. :)

In other news about miss Bekah. She is so sweet and cuddly. She loves to be held close and on our chest. She rarely cries and even when she does it's so girly and cute. It kind of sounds like a baby triceratops. She mostly sleeps during the day but when she is awake she stares and smiles. Sean loves her dark eyes. She has such loving eyes. 

The big news for Noah is that he went to sleep tonight with no binky! He has grown quite attached to it so it was a tough endeavor. Yesterday morning he asked for it and Sean said no and Noah says in such a dramatic voice "I neeeed it!" Haha we laughed and said silly no you don't. He got distracted and forgot about it. 

Tonight wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Mostly because  I wasn't home for the worst part. I have a hard time not caving when Noah cries. Sean is stronger than I am. We were in need of groceries so Sean let me go shopping while he dealt with bug. We gave him kisses and Sean read him a story. I went shopping and Sean stayed home with the kids. Rebekah slept the whole time and woke up a little after I got home to eat. Sean texted me while I was in the check out line saying that Noah had been crying for the last 40 minutes and that maybe he should give him he bink. I said I'm not there so it's up to him but I think if we give it to him he will think he can just cry and get it every time. I got home and Noah wasn't asleep but he also wasn't crying. He was kind of whining a little but mostly just talking. Sean told me that after he texted me he went in there and calmly talked to him. He told Noah he was too big for  binky and that he won't get them anymore. He said "you're a big boy now so you don't need them to sleep". Noah understood because he stopped crying and said "no binky" Sean let him know that mommy would come in and give him loves when she got home. I went in there and have him kisses and a hug. He said to me "binky? Ya no binky. All gone " and I said ya you're a big boy so they are all gone now but you are ok. Here put your baby roo (a stuffed kangaroo) to sleep. Help him go to sleep. It was adorable.  He put his roo on a blanket and cuddled up to it. A few minutes later he was asleep. 

I think we did a good job working together to get him passed the binky stage. I know it will take a couple more nights of him crying but I'm excited to have him done with it. Hopefully with him having it explained to him he will do better tomorrow and not cry or at least cry less. 

I'm so proud of my sweet children. They are so beautiful. :) 

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