Sunday, June 23, 2013

Til we meet again.

Grandpa Roland's funeral was Saturday morning. I was holding it together pretty well until Grandma started crying and then we all lost it. My mom gave the life story which was really great. I learned a couple things I never knew about him. There was some fun stories about his youth. And some really touching things from his journal. He had an addiction to smoking for years but after 45 years of marriage to my grandma he was able to to quit and he started going to church again. My grandparents were then sealed in the temple for all time and eternity. He wrote in his journal that he didn't know why he didn't do that a long time ago. It's so great knowing that he came back to the church and that he and my grandma will be together forever. It was a hard day emotionally but also filled with the spirit. We spent time together as a family.

After the funeral we all went to our homes and let the kids take naps. Then we met up at Andrea's apartment and went swimming. Robyn and Carlos are in town til later tonight. It's been so awesome to have them here and let the cousins all play together. Sunday we all got together again and hung out at Amanda and Corey's house. 

Today (Monday) was the burial for grandpa. They weren't able to do it on Saturday for some reason. Grandpa was given a Purple Heart when he was in the Korean War. Because of that he had a lieutenant at his burial for the 21 gun salute. It was really emotional to see the officers hand off the flag to grandma. We waited at the cemetery after the ceremony for them to bury the coffin. Afterward we put flags around his plot. 

I'm so grateful to have a grandpa that was so loving and such a great example. I know I will see him again. 

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