Thursday, June 13, 2013

The arrival of Rebekah MaeDean Howell

I had my doctor appointment at 4pm on Wednesday. He checked my cervix and said I was dilated to a 4 1/2 and still 90% effaced. He also stripped my membranes a little. He said I might go into labor that night or the next day. I didn't really believe him because he had said that a week ago haha. I went to my parents house to pick up Noah (Sean was at work). We decided it would be nice to go for a walk at the mall and take the kiddos to play in the play area. Amanda, Dad and I took Noah Cortney and Joshua to fiesta mall at 5pm. My mom an Justin met us there at 6pm and then Corey and Andrea showed up shortly after. It was a family affair! Haha like everything we do.

We watched the kids play and chatted. Justin and I went up and down the stairs a dozen times, I did some lunges while walking Joshua in the stroller. I was having a few contractions but nothing that hurt. 

We left at around 7pm and went back to my parents house. I was getting tired from the work out and a little disappointed that labor hasn't started. Sean was still at work but was ready to leave anytime he needed to. I decided to just go home and put Noah to bed and rest myself. I ate a sandwich and watched a movie. At 10:30pm Ondalynn came over for a blessing from Sean. He came home shortly after Onda got t the apartment. We talked for awhile, I decided I wasn't going to labor til the weekend. Onda left and Sean and I talked some more. 

I think the thing that really put things in action was something married people do (wink). I went to sleep right after and then woke up nauseous. I threw up a couple times and then tried to go back to sleep. Sean said he thought it was starting to happen because I threw up while I was in labor with Noah too. Turns out he was correct. I laid back down and started to have contractions that actually kinda hurt. At that time it was 12am.  I'm a bad judgement on pain level because I can handle a lot. In fact Dr Hazzelrigg said he doesn't trust my judgement of if they hurt and that once they are 5 min apart to rush to the hospital because he had a feeling it was going to go quick. Boy was he right!! 

The contractions were five minutes a part right when they started. No build up at all. But still they didn't hurt too much at all so I wasn't sure. I called Amanda and she called the rest of the family. Sean got the diaper bag ready for Noah and I got last minute things for the hospital bag. I asked Sean for a blessing which he gave me. Im so grateful to have a husband who is a worthy holder of the Priesthood. It's such a blessing to be able to partake of receiving blessings from The Lord. I felt so much comfort after it and knew everything was going to go smoothly and that I would be able to handle it. 

 By then it was around 12:30am. He called his mom to meet us at the hospital and take Noah. 

Everyone was there before we got there. Sean's mom came and just took our car home with Noah. Amanda, my mom, Andrea and my dad all waited in the waiting room while we were in triage. Even during the registration I wasn't feeling the contractions too bad. Once we got into triage though they were stronger. I just counted through them and closed my eyes. Sean stood by not doing much but being here. That was enough for me. I don't like to be touched during labor. Having him there beside me taking and giving me words of praise are for enough for me. He did a great job. He had to remind me to breathe the entire time because I would forget. The nurses were pretty impressed with my demeanor during the contractions and that I was still so nice and calling Sean sweetie and honey haha. It made me feeling good and even stronger each time one of them would complement me. Sean was amazing and helped me get into whatever position I needed to. Since I tested positive for the strep B I had to be on an IV. It actually wasn't too bad either. I did throw up a couple times so they have me some anti nausea medicine in my IV which didn't work because I still threw up the whole time. The nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 6. By the time we got to the labor room I was dilated to a 7.  My mom dad Andrea and Amanda all came in shortly after we were moved. They talked about who knows what while I was in labor. I was just concentrating on my counting and breathing. With the help and encouragement of Sean I mostly remembered to breathe. I kept wanting to push and even did so a couple times because I couldn't control my body. Dr Hazzelrigg was on his way and they didn't want to break my water til he had arrived. They checked me and I was dilated to an 8 and 100% effaced. They said after my water breaks it should push me to a 10 and I could push. I went back and froth between being in a sitting up right position and on my hands and knees or child's pose (yoga position). I was in the child's pose when I felt the need to pay and did a little on accident. Dr Hazzelrigg had just walked in and turned around to get a mask on. Right then my water burst. It was perfect timing! I stayed in child's pose for two more contractions. Then turned over to my back and Sean said he could see her head! I pushed twice then started to tear. Before I did Dr asked if I wanted to or to have an episiotomy. I asked to be cut. He did and one more push and she was out! We waited for the cord to stop pulsing and the Sean cut the cord.  She was born at 3:12am Thursday the 13th. She weighs 7lbs 8.9 oz and is 20inches long. Big baby for being born 2 1/2 weeks early. She had a head full of hair! Dark like her daddy. I just love her. Right now her and daddy are sleeping next to me. 
It's crazy how fast it all went. 3 hour labor and 3 pushes and I have a baby! It wasn't even that hard. I mean obviously it did hurt but I was so concentrated on her coming and distracting myself with counting and breathing that it wasn't horribly bad. At the end I definitely felt the pain and grunted "ouch" quite a bit I think. Haha Sean stood by holding my hand and telling me how close she was to coming and how great I was doing. He is wonderful. 

I had the shakes for a half hour after the delivery. I forgot about that part. My body was just so tired and my hormones all out of wack. 

After I delivered her we tried breast feeding and she latched on! It was amazing. But after that first time she was confused and kept putting her tongue on the top of her mouth. Noah did the same thing!! Silly kids. Luckily I just saw the lactation consultant and she helped us figure it out together. 

My family stayed for about an hour and then left. The three of us slept til 8am. Then around 9:30am Elizabeth came with Noah. He was excited to see his baby. He even pointed to her and said "new sister, friend, baby Bekah" I cried, it was so precious. Noah seemed so big at that moment. He was talking to Bekah using big boy sentences and kissing her head. I love my family and they are mine forever. I'm so grateful for Sean and our marriage and how wonderful we are together. And the beautiful children we make :) Andrea took some notes of all that was said and happened so I have a good timeline of how things went down. This is what I remember though. I'll make a post of her notes later. 

This was during a contraction. I threw up after it. That's why the tray thing. 

My dad. 6th grandbaby on the way

Sweet hubby giving me liquids 

Pretty sisters 

Dr Hazzelrigg! He came in right after the water broke 
She was purple when she first came out. The dr and nurses weren't concerned but Sean and family were. Good thing she was fine. 

I was talking so high pitched afterward and was on a natural high haha

Daddy loves

Kisses for my hard work 


Daddy talks are fun 

Look what I delivered. 


Cortney kept saying how beautiful she is 

Pointing my finger up like " hold on a minute" I did this a lot during contractions so they knew I was having one. Haha 

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