Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birthday Man

IToday is my loves 31st birthday. He is such a handsome man. I just love him and am so grateful for all that he does to bless our family. He is caring, silly, kind and loving. We are lucky to have him :) thanks to his mom for making such an awesome guy for me to find and marry. I love how he has random input in conversations that make everyone laugh, I love his integrity and honesty, I love that he is a worthy priesthood holder, I love how he is such a wonderful father to our babies, I love that he has such a manly beard, I love how smart he is and I love that he loves me.

Sadly he has to work a double shift today but that leaves Thursday and Friday free of work! Yay. Did I tell y'all that he is full time at his work now? If not I just did. He is now full time and is mostly doing night shifts from 2pm-10pm and doubles on Saturday. He has to do five shifts so if he does an extra double on a day he gets another day off. It's kinda hard because I don't see him all day but it's nice for Noah. He gets all morning with daddy and then evening with mommy. Hopefully Sean will be getting more day shifts though. 

Anywho. Back to birthday boy news. I'm an awesome wife and got Sean the best gifts this year! I got him the newest book by Dan Brown. It's part of the Divinci  code series, titled Inferno. Sean has already started reading it and is loving it. The second gift was ingenious. I bought him a subscription to The History Channel magazine. There are all sorts of perks included with getting he magazine every month too. He gets entered to win trips to historical sites, discount on their store, and a gift package for signing up. When I told him about it he was so excited. He said that its something he never would have thought to do but that it's perfect for him and he is glad I know him so perfectly. He loves history. I'm glad I did so well at picking out the gifts and that he appreciates them so much. I just love making my honey happy. Now I will get to hear lots of stories about the new things he learns in his magazine :) 

Since my honeybear works all day today we are going to celebrate on Friday. We are just having friends over for a game night but it should be a blast. We have pretty awesome friends. 

I was able to visit Sean at work for dinner though. My mom watched Noah for me and she even made a delicious dinner for us. Hamburgers, baked beans, lemonade, and ice cream! Best mama ever :) she takes care of us. 

I love you Sean! Thanks for being so cute and giving me lots of kisses. You're the best and I'm so grateful I get to be yours forever! 

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  1. those sound like really awesome presents that you got him! yay for game nights and more celebrating this weekend. tony's birthday is on a weekend this year so that will be nice. Mine however is on a Wednesday. Darn it all! lol.


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