Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Post baby body

I have to say I'm pretty happy so far with my post baby body. Still work to do? Well of course. I'd love to get rid of the love handles and tighten up my belly. But for 5 days after having a baby I am quite pleased! My wedding ring fits again. I gained 24 pounds during my pregnancy and this morning I have lost 15 pounds! I only have 9 more to go and I haven't even started working out. I am going to wait a couple weeks til I have more energy and my birthing parts won't be sore afterward. Haha.

I didn't get to my pre-pregnancy weight after Noah until I was pregnant with Rebekah and throwing up all the time. So already feeling good and losing so much makes me have more hope this time around. I feel really good physically as well. I am obviously tired from the sleep schedule but other than that I have a good amount of energy during the day. Taking naps with the kids helps a lot. Noah and Rebekah go down for a nap at 10am so I get to as well. It's so great having Sean home for the next week and a half too. 

Basically I'm just a happy wife and mama. My hubby is super sweet and helpful, my Noah child is adorable and kind and Rebekah is sweet and beautiful. I'm way happy with my progress on weight and energy. Life is going well. We are a blessed home. 

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  1. That's great! I hope the 9 lbs left melts away quickly. Your family is so cute!


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