Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Birth is hard on a baby

Sean took Rebekah to her 2 week appointment this morning while i stayed home with Noah. Dr Auxier said that she broke her collar bone coming out ! She has a bump on her right side that will always be there. You can't see it but you can feel it.  Apparently it's a common thing. He said they don't usually notice until the 2 week appointment. He said she is totally fine but that when Sean tells me I'll probably cry and to tell me it's nothing I did and that it's just the way she came out. He so knows moms , cuz I did cry and think it was something I did in labor. But it was just the way her arms were up by here face when she came out that broke her collar home. Poor girl! She didn't cry or anything these last two weeks that would have suggested she was in pain. She cries occasionally but just when she's hungry or in need of a diaper change. She really is such an easy going baby. We are lucky parents! So far two easy kids :) anyway back to her bone. She is fine but the dr said she will probably favor the right side for awhile until we train her to use the other side too. She totally does already. We didn't notice until he said that but thinking back she always has her head facing the right. Also I've been having trouble getting her to nurse on my right side since she was born but she nurses perfectly fine on the left side. Makes sense because she has to turn her head to the left when she feeds on the right and I'm sure the first week it was painful or uncomfortable. I can get her to eat on that side now I just have to slowly move her head and she latches on.

It's so crazy that she broke a bone coming out of the birth canal! Turns out labor is hard on the baby too! I knew the baby had a lot of work to so to be born as well but I never knew they could actually break something. Poor girly. I'm glad she is fine though and not in pain. I just love her. 

Oh in other news Noah likes to kiss her goodnight now and he tries to hold her hand. He still holds too tightly and we have to remind him to be soft but it's adorable that he is interested in her now. Oh and he tried to sit on her last night. The things parents say to their children haha "Noah you can't sit on your sister" and the. He cries. It will get better... I hope haha. 

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