Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

For Father's Day I got Sean a new baby. Haha. I didn't have a chance to think of something to get him. It's been a busy month with his birthday, preparing to have a baby, having a baby, grandpa being sick and then passing away. I totally spaced getting a gift for him. Good thing his birthday gifts were pretty awesome. I did wish him a very happy Father's Day and have him a big kiss this morning. Also I told him how much I love him an appreciate all the things he does to take care and provide for our family. He is such a wonderful father to our children. He lights up when he cares for them and plays with them. I love how sweet and gentle he is. We are a blessed family to have him in our lives.

When I have time tonight I'm going to make some cute coupons for him for a date out with me, back rub, and other services I can do for him.

I love my Sean so much!! 

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