Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

I hope you all had a very happy 4th of July! I for sure did. The day began for me at 5:30am. Insane to wake up that early on a day I have off? Yes I agree. But it was worth it. Sean unfortunately had to go to work for the day. Old people still need care even on a holiday. Lame. He woke me up with Eskimo kisses and said I needed to wake up or I would be late for the plans with my family. I was resistant until he nudged me a couple times and gave me kisses. I love waking up to him everyday. He is so cute. Every morning before he goes to work he cuddles me and kisses my face to wake me up. Any way on to the activities of the day. After I finally got out of bed I went to my parents family ward building for a flag raising ceremony and a buffet breakfast starting at 6am. Why it needed to happen that early I don't know. Andrea left with Brittany to California that morning and is staying until tomorrow. I met the rest of my family at the church. Mom, Dad, Amanda and Corey and Cortney and Justin were all there. Breakfast was delicious! I think I might have over ate but it was so yummy I couldn't help myself. While we were there mom saw a lady sitting alone and asked her to come sit with us. Turns out she was just visiting her son who just moved into our ward. Her son is 23 yrs old. Of course the first thing that came to mom's mind when she was given that information was "oh does he want to date my daughter?" haha oh Mama. She is a silly one. The mother of the son said I don't know. Maybe? Then of course Amanda and I being the nosy ones we are joined in the conversation about her son and how we should set them up on a blind date. The mother agreed. Then the son came over and we let him know of our plans. Myrna (one of Andrea's best friends) was also at the breakfast and heard about the plans. She then joined in on the interview we had in progress. We found out the son's name is Kyle and he is in school at ASU. I can't remember what he is in school for now. But it was something good. We showed him a picture of Andrea and he approved. So then I secretly took a picture of him and sent it to Andrea and informed her of our doings. I sent her a text that said "the family and myrna are currently in the process of interviewing a boy to date you" Her response was "oh my gosh! Who is that boy? What are you doing? Stop it" It was too late at that point though. The boy was realed in. Myrna told him to text Andrea and get the ball rolling for the date to be set up when she comes back from California. He obeyed. (It was a really good sign that he didn't get scared from all the questions and us girls letting him know he was going to date our sister.) So he began texting her and she him. I don't know whats going on with it right now but I hope she at least goes on one date with him. He seemed like a good guy. Considering we didn't scare him off in the first 5 minutes was a very very good sign. I called Andrea after we left the church and asked if she was upset or embarrassed or if she thought it was a funny story and intriguing. She said a little of all the above but most it was funny. It would be so funny if they did start dating. Best meeting story ever I would have to say.

So after the flag ceremony and breakfast the family all went back to my parents house for some rest and relaxation. About 12pm I left to go back home and do some laundry and shower to get ready for the rest of the days activities. They all had plans to set off some fireworks and have a BBQ. Sean and I had plans to go to Payson with Jessica and Kenny already. When Sean got off work Jess and Kenny came and picked us up and we drove to Payson. The drive up there seemed to go by really fast. It was so beautiful up there. The weather was much more pleasant than in Mesa that day. It was a cool 85degrees. We got there at 5pm. Fireworks were going to start at 9pm. There was a huge park full of people and vendors. We just strolled around the park, ate some dinner and walked some more. It was such a lovely evening.

I love the times with Sean where there is nothing to worry about or plan or even really to do other than just be together. Walking around the park people watching and holding hands was a great ending to the day.  We got tired of walking after awhile and just laid in the grass and relaxed til the fireworks started. They seemed to last forever. Jess got bored after the first 15 minutes went by. It was the longest firework show I have ever been to. It lasted 30 minutes! Noah loved it,,, or hated it... I'm not sure. He was moving around a lot during the show though. Sean said he wonders what it sounded like to him in the womb. The big bangs and echos off the mountains must have been quite loud to him and his little baby ears. After the show we lingered in the park for a while to let the crowd all move along. Jessica and Kenny are so fun to hang out with. Ken has such a silly sense of humor. He says the strangest things sometimes too. When he was talking about rain he said something about it being thrust down on us. Jess joked about how there are rain gods throwing the water at us down here. This was my favorite 4th of July ever. I got to spend time with family in the morning and then best friend time with Jess and I was with my hubby all evening as well.

I'm so grateful for this country we live in and the opportunities that it brings. The freedoms we enjoy and the blessings we have. I just love the promise land :)

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