Saturday, July 23, 2011

Plumbing and Date Night

The plumbing is finally done! . . . Well mostly done. The plumbers came yesterday morning at 8am and were there til 9pm and got it all done in one day!! Amazing right?! They were so nice and worked really hard to get it done as fast as possible. So all the pipes in the house are completely replaced now. The only work that is left to do is the drywall they had to rip out to get to the pipes and the restoration of the nursery. The drywall guy is coming on Monday to do his part. The nursery drywall and the carpet however are being done by the restoration people though the insurance and they unfortunately won't be here until about Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm still so happy because it is so close to being finished. The house is so messy right now and I surprisingly don't care... ok well I care a little. How can you not care when your house looks like this?...

 This is a picture of the pipe outside. Its so pretty. You never realize how blessed you are until you have something taken away from you. I always took for granted clean running water and just thought of it as a part of regular life. Its hard to think that many people in the world don't have that luxury.
The water is so clear it looks like stream water. I took a shower last night and for the first time in weeks I felt super clean afterward. I really surprised Sean when we came home and I wasn't freaking out about how messy the house was. I was just fine with it. I know that it will soon be all clean and orderly and this is just a step to getting it there. While the plumbers were working we decided to go to dinner and the movies. It was so loud with all the work and no running water does not go well for a very pregnant woman that has to pee every hour.
This was our delicious meal at Paradise Bakery. Frozen strawberry lemonade and chicken salads. Sean got some berry salad and I had caesar salad. This diet he is on right now has surprisingly been really good for him. Did I tell you all about that yet? I don't think I did. Sean had been having some mood swings and was very bloated the past couple months and we didn't know why. He went to the doctor and she told him that he could possibly be allergic to something and that is what causes his symptoms. (side note, who knew a food allergy can cause mood swings? Its true though I looked it up) The doctor told him that the culprit could be either Dairy, Gluten or Eggs. So to find out which one, if any, she had him take all three out of his diet for 3 weeks. That means Aug 5th he will go back to see her and she will check out how he is doing. Then she will put one of them back in his diet and see how he reacts. If he has a negative reaction than its most likely due to that item. It has been really tough to plan meals around this diet. It seems that everything has either eggs, dairy or gluten in it. Granted there are some very yummy foods that don't. It has opened Sean up to new foods he wouldn't otherwise eat every much of. He is much more healthy now and feels much better. We are both hoping that he isn't actually allergic to any of those items and that maybe his body just needed a break from the overload of them. Sean and I both LOVE milk. We usually go though a gallon every other day just the two of us. So it would be killer for him to not be able to have it for longer than this month he is cut off. We shall see though.

After dinner we went to the movies and saw Captain America in 3D. It wasn't worth it to see it in 3D but that was the only one showing at the time we were there. It was a really good movie! I recommend it to everyone to see.I actually only ended up needing to pee once during the movie. I did fall asleep during part of it because I was so tired. Nothing against the movies as I stated above it was a really awesome one.

 Us in our cool glasses :) Yes you can say it... We are cute <3

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  1. That's a lot of piping! It definitely seems like you can't currently cook in that kitchen. Well, maybe the microwave would work. Thankfully this whole fiasco is coming to an end :)


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