Friday, July 22, 2011

Yay! Progress!!

The plumber came yesterday and looked at the work that needed to be done. Now he is at the house as I type working on the pipes!! He said it should be done either by the end of the day today or tomorrow. WA-HOOOOO!!!!  Then the restoration can start Monday and we can put our nursery back together and the rest of the house will be in order as well :) I am so elated.

No baby yet. I'm still holding him in. haha not really. I have pretty much no control of when that happens. Every time my sister Amanda calls me or I call her she asks me if I'm in labor yet. Its pretty funny. I've decided that every time I call her I'm going to send her a text first letting her know I'm not in labor but I am just calling her to talk.

In something not related to anything at all in this post. Sean sent me 2 funny text the other day I must share. I was having a bad day at work so to cheer me up he sent me this:

"You are stressed. Think about your adventures in wonderland for a while. You will forget all of your problems."

"Actually how about you make up a story about 2 dogs discovering the lost city of Atlantis. It has to be a children's story and there has to be an evil penguin in it. His name is Rupert. Go."

It just made my day how silly he is. Oh I love that man. <3

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