Monday, July 4, 2011

Fancy Dinner Party

Long ago before Adriana and I married our husbands (really it was just a couple months before we both got engaged seeing as we didn't meet until our husbands introduced us) we made a plan. It was a wonderful plan to have a group date where we all dressed up in fancy dresses and suits and did a pot luck dinner. You never really get the chance to wear a prom like dress after high school and we both loved the idea of being able to dress up for a night. We talked about this date activity many many times each time with much anticipation and excitement. The only problem was that soon after discussing this plan we both got engaged and began with more important planning of our weddings. Then after weddings we many other pressing matters to deal with such as being newly weds and loving our husbands :) We would occasionally remember our awesome plan to plan the date and then we would say we will do that for sure soon. . . Soon didn't seem to come. Well I am happy to report that the plan finally materialized and we did it! I have to say that it was a spectacular night. We had planned for it to be a smaller group of about 4 or 5 couples but then it just grew to 10! That makes 20 people! What can I say? We do things big. We didn't want to leave out any of our friends and everyone just thought it sounded so fun. Who could blame them right?! Adriana and I made the guest list, gave out assignments for food and picked a location to hold the evening. We had it at my sister Amanda's house. My parents came over that afternoon to help us set up the tables and pick up Cortney for the night so Amanda and Corey could have their date night with us. Tim and Adriana also came over to help set up because they are awesome. We decided that as guests came it would be fun to take "prom pictures" Yes we are that silly. The guest list included the following :
 Sean & Deana (baby Noah)
 Tim & Adriana
 Amanda & Corey
 Ben & Melissa (and Baby Isabelle)
 Ben & Hilary & Wesley
 Mark & Tiffany
 Andrea & Bryson (He was a blind date)
 Sarah & Dylan (Blind date as well)
 Chris & Leila

After the lovely meal we cleaned up and played a game and hung out. Everyone was so funny. We all had a blast. Tiffany suggested that we make this a monthly activity to get together and do something fun. Each month a different couple with be in charge of planning something. Since getting married and now a bunch of us having babies its getting harder to get out and do things with friends very often so this is an awesome plan to keep us all close and give us a night to just hang out. Here are some more pictures of the night.

 Amanda loves to explain games

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