Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Daddy

In case you didn't already know, Sean is pretty much amazing at everything he does. He is the perfect husband and now he is the perfect Daddy. My whole family has told me so many times this past couple days how impressed they are with him. He is just so caring to me and baby Noah. Some things that Mom, Andrea, Brittany and Amanda have said to me about Sean and also things that I have noticed and seen:

I loved seeing him during the labor. He would occasionally scan the room in a protective manner making sure everything was alright.

When the doctor said Noah's temp was too low a couple hours after the birth and you were up going to the bathroom Sean right away took his shirt off and held Noah skin to skin to get him warm.

Every time Noah needs anything he is the first to get up with out being asked

He sits and has real conversations with Noah and just lets him know how much he loves him

Noah was really stressed and wasn't eating and his breathing hadn't gotten normal yet at 5:11pm so Sean gave him a blessing.

Every time Sean leaves the room Noah is in he kisses him goodbye

Sean sits with mommy during breastfeedings so he can bond with us both

He takes care of the diapers so mommy can sleep

He comforted me the first night home when the hormones hit in and I was scared and stressed. He just told me that I was doing great and that he loves me and so does Noah and everything will be just fine.

He just loves Noah so much! And he loves me and I love him and Noah and there is just so much love in this house its amazing :)

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