Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breastfeeding Class and my DIY project

Sean and I signed up for a breastfeeding class held at Banner Desert Hospital a couple months ago. I was excited that it was a class for the mom and dad. I love when Sean gets to experience and learn things with me. We already knew a lot of the stuff the instructor went over but it was a good review. We also learned some new things as well and got to watch some videos on latching. Here are some things we learned
  • Breast milk has over 100,000 ingredients in it
  • It takes 60 muscles for the baby to breastfeed and only 6 or 7 muscles to bottle feed
  • 1 year of formula costs about $22,000
  • Partner's who regularly observe infant and mother breastfeeding secrete hormones:            Oxytocin- which is the social hormone, couple/infant bonding. Vasopressin- protective behaviors
  • Breast milk heals skin. So if you have dry nipples after feeding put some milk on them and they will heal better and faster than with just creams
  • She went over breast pumping and going back to work

This is the doll I used to practice holding and positioning. Sean is so lovingly holding him, haha.

DIY Project:
We have 2 closet organizers to store Noah's clothing in the closet. Since having to move everything out of the nursery and washing the clothing again and putting them back in the organizers I've discovered something. It's difficult to get the clothing in and out of the little compartments of the organizer. If we want to be able to pick out which item to have Noah wear we have to pull out all the clothes shift through them and then shove them back into the compartment. This was just not ideal. So my sister Amanda gave me the idea to make little drawers to go in the compartments. Granted we could buy the boxes at target or another store. The problem with that is they are anywhere from $2-$5 or more for just one.

So instead what Amanda had done for her closet was use duct tape and shoe boxes to make drawers. It's the most simple project, yet has great results! I absolutely love them. Here is how I did it:
I got envelope boxes from work (with permission from my boss) for free


  1. Bought lovely zebra print duct tape from fry's for $2.94 a roll
  2. Measured the box and cut tape stripes
  3. Taped the box all the way around
  4. Finished project! I now have drawers for my organizer. 

See, I told you --easiest do it yourself project ever. Despite the easy-ness of the project I am still quite proud  because I saved lots of monies $$ Also these are much more chic than the boxes I could have bought. Thanks to Amanda for giving me the idea.

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