Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things will work out

Many weeks ago I made a post about wonderful news. I must now print a retraction on this matter. I had said that the plumber was coming that Monday to start work on the pipes. This however did not happen. There was an issue with getting a hold of him and getting him out here to do the work. Then the landlords had an idea of just putting filters on the faucets instead of fixing the pipes right away and doing them later when it was more of an emergency. Sean called them and explained that it was in fact an emergency already and that the water problem was making the house unlivable. Again its a good thing our landlords are also our friends because they realized that it just needs to be done and they agreed. They said they are going to find a plumber for sure tomorrow. That means *fingers crossed* that work should begin soon. I'm just so anxious to have this whole mess behind us.

In other news: Maternity leave is not working out how I had hope for either. When Sean and I made plans to start trying to get pregnant I looked up the maternity leave offered for my work. I had read (or rather thought I had read) that I would get 6 weeks paid leave after being at my job for a year. So it worked out perfect that we had planned to get pregnant in Nov and have the baby around Aug, thus making it a year since I had been hired at Cushman & Wakefield. After talking with my HR person and the third party company whom the maternity leave is handled, I found out this was not the case. I have to be at my job for a year to get 6 weeks leave with 3 of those weeks being paid at 100%. If I was there for longer than a year then I would get the 6 weeks paid. If I am there less than a year I get 6 weeks of leave with only 1 of those weeks being paid. After finding that out I was really upset and worried. Then I thought ok well 6 weeks pay would have been better but 3 is not bad. Then I was informed that even though my due date is really close to the hire date they won't fudge the number at all. I started work last year on August 9th. So I have to have my baby after August 10th (a year and one day after starting work) to qualify for the 3 weeks of paid leave. If I have Noah before August 10th I only qualify for 1 week of pay. I also have 2 weeks of PTO saved up so I will have that on top of the 6 weeks of leave. That is a comforting fact. So the summary is: Before Aug 10th- 1 week paid, 2 weeks PTO, 5 weeks no pay at all. After Aug 10th- 3 weeks paid, 2 weeks PTO, and 3 weeks no pay at all.  It's not in my hands at all so I just need to trust in the Lord and hope for the best. I know that even if we don't get all the pay we were expecting things are going to work out but it still scares me. We don't really have all that much money saved up so we were really depending on the paid leave. I'm really bummed that I don't get the whole 8 weeks paid. We do have student loans we can use to make ends meet if we need them. I just really had not wanted to have to resort to that. The hormones don't help with me getting through all this stress.  I'm so grateful for Sean and his support and love. With out him I would be even more crazy through this all. I heard this quote at church today and it really helped me put things into perspective and made me have a little more peace with in. I am still working on not worrying and just putting my faith fully in the Lord. I hope one day I'll be better at that. I do know that He takes care of us. It's just putting that faith into action that I have trouble with.

By President Gordon B. Hinckley

It isn’t as bad as you sometimes think it is.
It all works out. Don’t worry.
I say that to myself every morning.
It will all work out.
Put your trust in God,
and move forward with faith
and confidence in the future.
The Lord will not forsake us.
He will not forsake us.
If we will put our trust in Him,
if we will pray to Him,
if we will live worthy of His blessings,
He will hear our prayers.


  1. Oh dear, I thought everything was already being fixed up. I really hope that those pipes are getting replaced this week. Keeping faith really is the best thing to do right now. Love ya!

  2. Yeah Its a mess still. Someone should be coming tomorrow :0 who knows though. Thanks for the support :) Love ya too!


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