Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Time Clock Ticking

We had another doctor appointment today. I had a vaginal exam and found out that I am 3cm dilated and 90% effaced. Dr Hazelrigg said that he wouldn't be surprised if I went into labor 1 or 2 weeks early. That could be next week! Crazyness!! I might not though. Women have been 3cm dilated for weeks before going into labor though so we will just see. I have been having contractions for the last couple days as well. I am so torn. I would love to go into labor soon and just have my little Noah here in my arms already but also the financial side of things weighs in and I want to wait til the 10th so I can have the maternity money.  Good thing I have no control over it so I don't have to worry about it. I am at peace with whenever Noah decides to come. Even if the nursery isn't done yet and if we won't have the money right away. Heavenly Father will make it happen when it is right for us as a family and He will prepare us in the way we need to be. So all is well in the Howell house.

I had the strep b test and we went over our birth plan with the doctor. I really hope I test negative for the strep b. If I have it then I will have to be on an iv that administers antibiotics during the labor and that would just not be ideal. What is strep b? Here is what I found online:
Group B strep (GBS) is a kind of bacteria that many people harbor in their intestinal tracts. The bacteria may also inhabit (or "colonize") your vagina as well, and be passed on to your baby during labor and birth.
Approximately 10 to 30 percent of pregnant women carry GBS in the vagina or rectum or surrounding area. While GBS is generally harmless in healthy adults, it may cause stillbirth and serious infections in babies.

My sister Amanda had strep b when she gave birth so she had to be on an iv. It wasn't horrible but it also wasn't what she had wanted. The strange thing about being tested for the GBS is that just because I test positive for it one week doesn't mean I will have it the following week so there is a possibility of testing negative one week and then when I go into labor actually being positive for it and no one knowing. They only test during the 37th week and not at labor. So I'm not sure why the testing is necessary.  Oh well. That's just yet another thing I have no control over so I will just wait and see.

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