Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bradley Class #9

This class was a bit hard for me to handle considering I tend to worry about things I don't really need to worry about anyway. The class was on variations and complications during pregnancy and labor. Granted its good to know about the things that could happen so that you can be prepared just in case the rare chance happens to you. I know that the odds of any of the complications happening to me are slim but I can't help but worry about what if.  Due to the class I had nightmares of all the things that could go wrong and me not being able to handle it.

We had a helpful exercise to start the class. We each got a piece of paper and in the middle of it we either wrote our biggest fear about labor or drew something to illustrate our fear. Then we put a box around the picture or words, but we were told to leave the corners off the box. Then at the open corners of the box we were to write the things we can control that can help us handle or deal with that fear. Then on the perimeter of the paper we wrote the phrase "I feel safe and secure because... " and finished the phrase however we felt. After we finished the exercise we switched with our spouse and read what theirs said and talked about it for a bit. Sean's was that me or baby Noah could die or be hurt during labor. His coping things were that 1. We are preparing to know what to do to have a safe birth 2. I am healthy and taking care of Noah, 3. Everything is in Heavenly Fathers hands. My fear is that I won't be in control of myself. My coping is that 1. Knowledge is power- I am preparing so that I know what is going to happen (mostly) 2. Heavenly Father is going to take care of us 3. Sean is going to be by my side the whole time 4. I can let someone else be in charge and just be at peace

Our phrase we wrote were pretty similar. Basically it was "I feel safe and secure because Heavenly Father is watching us and we have each other."

In other news: We are in limbo right now with the plumbing/nursery issue. We had the test done on the water and air in the nursery and got the results that the mold is gone. Now we can start on the fixing everything project. The problem is that we don't know when the plumbing is being done. I am really trying hard to not be stressed and to relax. As stated above I have a hard time not being in control of my surroundings. I guess I just take security being in charge because then I know what is going to happen and I can plan. I fear the unknown.  I have 4ish weeks until the due date. Thats not much time. I just hope they start soon because they can't fix the nursery until the pipes are re done.

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