Friday, July 29, 2011

Andrea's Notes during the Labor

During the labor Andrea wrote down in her notebook some of the things that were said and a timeline of things that happened in the delivery room.

3:17pm *sits up* "I have to poop"

3:21pm Sean: Are you comfortable?  Deana: *in a calm voice* No, . . I'm in labor

3:21pm Brittany- "I'm gonna cry"  Amanda- "I'm so proud of Deana. She's doing so good"

3:23pm Dialated to 8cm Still hiccuping even in labor

"her hair still looks good. Makes me mad" - Amanda

3:26pm Seana- "Do you need anything?  Deana- "I need to poop"

Amanda- "You're doing so good, Deana!" "She's staying so calm"

"ohh, ok I'm peeing"- Deana

 3:31pm Deana- "I need to push"

3:32pm Nurse- "Wanting to push more?"  Sean- :yeah, A lot more"

3:34pm Nurse calls Dr. Clintsky

3:37pm Dr preps for delivery

3:38pm "I just don't care" Deana

Doctor- "Dad would you like to cut the umbilical cord?" Sean- "uh yes please"

Mama Rogers- "Sean I knew you were awesome"

Dr. Finds out water hasn't broke yet and moves out of the way to the right.

3:48pm  Dr. broke the waters

Sean- "There's no more water in the way. Now it's just baby. "

Nurse talking about c-sections in the background. Deana- "I don't want a c-section"
Nurse- "oh sorry sweetie, not you, not you."

*After a couple more pushes* Deana- "Can you just pull him please?" Mama Rogers - "No it doesn't work that way sweetie"

Deana- "I think I farted, sorry guys"

Mama Rogers- "You become a mom today"

Deana- "come out please"

Red goop comes from vagina* Mama Rogers "It looks like strawberry jam." Sean- "yeah it does, think about that next time you're eating toast" Amanda, Andrea and Brittany- "gross"

Mama Rogers- "we can see his head baby girl"

Deana- "ok pull him out", "tell him to stop going back inside please"

4:15pm Episiotomy

4:20pm Noah Scott Howell born

Soon after: Deana- "That didn't hurt too bad"

Noah was put on mommies chest right away. Deana tried breastfeeding. Deana to Noah "you can get it. Its yummy. Want some milk?"

Deana again to Noah- "mommy worked so hard for you"

First diaper change- 4:54pm

5:11pm Noah first blessing to calm him and get his temp higher, he was too cold

5:50pm Sean held Noah for the first time. (Deana had him the whole time before this other than nurses to clean and weigh him) Noah was stressed and not breathing right. Needed body warmth. Sean took his shirt off and held Noah to his chest for skin to skin.

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