Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bradley Class #10

This was both mine and Sean's favorite class so far. It was so fun and informative. The beginning half of the class we played Jeopardy. The mom's were against the dads (coaches). We were way ahead but then we started to feel bad for them and gave them charity points even though their answers weren't really correct for some of the questions. The questions were about the different stages in labor, contractions, signs of labor, comfort methods, coaches role, and general information. One of the questions was actually an activity. The guys chose it and had to act out what transition in labor was like. One guy played the mom and the rest played coach. It was hilarious. The dad that was playing the mom decided to do it in a southern accent so it was pretty interesting. Haha.

The second half of the class was labor rehearsal. There was different stations with a paper that had 5 position that can be used for labor. Rachel would let us know when a contraction started and then we would practice having a contraction in that position with the husband supporting us and coaching us through them. The positions included: mother in tub with coach leaning over rubbing her back, mom leaning against coach as he leans against wall holding mothers weight, slow dancing position, mom on knees leaning over birth ball with dad behind holding her hips, lunges (used to speed up labor), laboring in a car while dad is driving to hospital, sideline laying on bed or couch, on all fours (used if baby is facing wrong way), squatting. There are a bunch more but I don't remember them all right now.

I feel more and more confident in myself and in Sean each time we do these practices. He does so well with making me feel safe and secure (well most of the time, not when he is saying the same thing over and over, lol) One thing I really think will be helpful in the actual labor was when Sean mentioned that every contraction gets us closer to seeing our little baby Noah. Monday was Rachel's due date but she didn't have him obviously since she was in class last night. She is hoping to go into labor this week. That means class will be on hold for 1 or 2 weeks and then resume. Lets hope I don't have Noah before then.

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